Price List

                       Price list

Bubble Balloons

Bubble Balloons are our very popular **more luxurious** balloons. These beauties are a clear spherical shape and are made from a stretchy transparent plastic. They last much longer than a standard foil balloon (10-14 days and are available in two different sizes). We can offer a range of different colours to suit any theme you’re after and we can fill them with various items. Perfect for a product launch, wedding or gift that you want to know will last a while.

Medium 20″ Deco balloons attached to a weight with ribbons £17.95 each. 

Large 24″ Deco balloons attached to a weight with ribbons £20.00 each.

We have lots of options available for inside our bubbles including:

5″ mini balloons, foil number shapes, confetti, feathers, glitter, tulle, money and even foliage plants.

We can also add extras like balloon tails, personalised messages and even add your company LOGO! Ask for more details.

Balloon Bouquets (table or floor standing)

11″ helium filled latex balloons attached to a weight with matching ribbons (8-12 hours float time)

Bouquet of 3 £6.99

Bouquet of 5 £8.99

Bouquet of 7 £11.50 

Bouquet of 10 £14.50

Foil Balloon Bouquets (Table or Floor Standing) 18″ helium filled foil balloons attached to a weight with matching ribbon’s. (3 to 5 days float time) 

Bouquet of 3 x £13.95     

Bouquet of 5 £16.99

Bouquet of 7 £19.99

Mixed Foil & Latex Bouquets (table or floor Standing)

Bouquet of 3: (1 x foil with 2 x latex balloons) £9.95 each 

Bouquet of 5: (1 x foil with 4 x latex balloons) £12.00 each

Confetti Balloon Bouquets Clear 11″ latex balloons with confetti inside, attached to a weight with matching ribbon’s (confetti options: pale blue, dark blue, pink, yellow, gold, silver or multicolour) 

Bouquet of 3 £11.95

Bouquet of 5 £15.50 each

Larger 16″ balloons and bespoke confetti colours available **Extra Cost

3ft WOW factor EXTRA LARGE helium filled Confetti Balloons including weight and ribbons start from £30.00 each

Balloon Decor

Our string of pearl arches are perfect for weddings, parties and even proms. Made in virtually any size, it makes beautiful entrance decor.

Single arch: prices start from £40

Link balloon arch: prices start from £35

Spiral Arch: Great for store/product launches and a cost effective way to decorate a large stage or mile marker for a race. Prices start from £200

Take a look at our “Arch Calculator” page to get a quote.

Balloon Columns

Spiralling balloon columns can be completely customised to match your theme and last for days!

We can offer different styles and sizes of balloons for the top and can even put your company name, logo or menu on to it using our vinyl cutter. These are fantastic for any event, children’s party’s, weddings, christenings, shop/restaurant entrances.

Prices start from £40.00 Check out our Column Calculator for more pricing.  

Exploding Balloons

Comes with popping wand to pop the balloon, contains 100 – 120 smaller air filled balloons. Optional flutter-fetti 

£85.00 using 5″ balloons – popping wand

£95.00 using 5″ balloons – Battery detonator

For more information and to see one of our exploding balloons in action, please click here!

Organic Balloon Decor

So what is organic? To long standing balloon decorators like myself, this goes completely against the grain of everything we’ve been taught…. Gone are the straight symmetrical lines and perfectly sized balloons! We are now breaking all the rules! By doing this we can create the most beautiful arches, garlands, swags and table runners with added features like flowers, foliage, beads and tissues. Check out the amazing designs on Pinterest!

Price is all dependant on what you would like. Every design is different and completely bespoke to your project/event so give us a call to discuss your requirements.   

Unicorns, Mermaids & Superheros 

Unicorns, Mermaids, Pineapple’s, Flamingo’s, Superheroes are trending at the moment, but this can change month by month! Choose any super-shape top foil balloon (sizes vary from 27″ to 39″) and we’ll create a beautiful personalised bouquet with 4 additional 18″ foil balloons to compliment the colours of the theme.

Themed super-shape top foil with 4 x 18″ foil balloons £25.00 each  (price includes free personalised message)

Themed super-shape top foil with 4 x 11″ latex balloons £19.99 each

Delivery available! 

Large 3ft Mega Balloons

These show stoppers put the wow factor into any event! They put fun into wedding photos and can be personalised for corporate events. We have a variety of options. Plain coloured balloons in different sizes, not to mention the gorgeous confetti filled, tulle covered and vintage style tails. We can even add remote controlled lighting.

Prices Start from £30.00